This week we say Happy Emancipation Day with Asafa, Warren Weir, Ms Kitty, Rohan Marley and Darren Mattocks and Tami and Wayne Marshall welcome their baby boy! Also this week Ziggy Marley, Chris Gayle and Cherine Anderson! 

Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans yaad and abraad for the week ending August 2, 2013!

Asafa: (Twitter: @officialasafa) Happy Emancipation Day to all my fellow Jamaicans whether here or abroad!

Warren Weir: (Instagram: @warren_weir) Happy Emancipation Day Mama Jamaica we love and cherish you forever yaad or abroad black, green and gold Jamaica to di World!

Ms. Kitty: (Facebook) Happy Emancipation Day to #Jamaica

Darren Mattocks: (Twitter: @darrenmattocks) Big up deh lil’ cpuntry deh whey me born and grow ain’t stop repping them #teamjamaica happyemancipationday @jamaica

Rohan Marley: (Facebook) Unique in every way… Happy Emancipation Day to #Jamaica… the beautiful land in which our #MarleyCoffee farm resides.

Tami Chynn: So happy!! #love #blessedbeyond #settlingIN #firstborn #son #neverfeltThisway #GosisGreat @waynemarsheezy 

Wayne Marshall: (Instagram: @waynemarsheezy) Jaxen Benjamin born July 26 sharing a special moment with mommy @iamtamichynn #beautiful #nowords #newlife #pebbletoe

Ziggy Marley: (Twitter: @ziggymarley) This August Ghana celebrates RitaMarley’s various contributions to their country by granting her an honorary Ghanian citizenship

Chris Gayle: (henrygayle) Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica! Emancipate yourself from any kind of slavery!

Cherine Anderson: (Facebook) Cherine and Shabba Rans takes on Power 95 FM in Bermuda with DJ Radigun!! Its a Dancehall soul thing…#cupmatchsalute #dancehallsoul @cherineanderson @emperorranks Power 95 FM Bermuda {The BIG STATION}

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