Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans yaad and abraad for the week ending August 2, 2013!

Asafa: (Twitter: @officialasafa) Happy Emancipation Day to all my fellow Jamaicans whether here or abroad!

Warren Weir: (Instagram: @warren_weir) Happy Emancipation Day Mama Jamaica we love and cherish you forever yaad or abroad black, green and gold Jamaica to di World!

Ms. Kitty: (Facebook) Happy Emancipation Day to #Jamaica

Darren Mattocks: (Twitter: @darrenmattocks) Big up deh lil’ cpuntry deh whey me born and grow ain’t stop repping them #teamjamaica happyemancipationday @jamaica

Rohan Marley: (Facebook) Unique in every way… Happy Emancipation Day to #Jamaica… the beautiful land in which our #MarleyCoffee farm resides.

Tami Chynn: So happy!! #love #blessedbeyond #settlingIN #firstborn #son #neverfeltThisway #GosisGreat @waynemarsheezy 

Wayne Marshall: (Instagram: @waynemarsheezy) Jaxen Benjamin born July 26 sharing a special moment with mommy @iamtamichynn #beautiful #nowords #newlife #pebbletoe

Ziggy Marley: (Twitter: @ziggymarley) This August Ghana celebrates RitaMarley’s various contributions to their country by granting her an honorary Ghanian citizenship

Chris Gayle: (henrygayle) Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica! Emancipate yourself from any kind of slavery!

Cherine Anderson: (Facebook) Cherine and Shabba Rans takes on Power 95 FM in Bermuda with DJ Radigun!! Its a Dancehall soul thing…#cupmatchsalute #dancehallsoul @cherineanderson @emperorranks Power 95 FM Bermuda {The BIG STATION}