Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending April 12, 2013!

Darren Mattocks: (Twitter: @DarrenMattocks) I keep telling them this I can move mountains with faith

Tami Chynn: (Instagram: @iamtamichynn) I love you BEYOND all understanding!!! I’m looking forward to so many more birthdays with you!!! #happyBirthdayWayne #myOnceInALifeime #yuhBettaFindMeInDiNextlife #woozby #instahusband #happyheart #mushybutIDoanCare #lovehimbad @waynemarsheezy @wayne_marshall

Marguerite Orane: (Facebook) Visioning the day when all Jamaicans can enjoy free access to ll their beaches…just thinking as I happily strolled the beach in St. Lucia not a security guard or fence to stop me

Asafa Powell: (Twitter: @officialasafa) Respect! > “@Frederic1003: Watching the french documentary about Jamaica! Good to see @officialasafa:))”

Yendi Phillips: (Facebook) Cheesing while ‘chippin down de road at Bacchanal Jamaica Road March wearing Digicel’s Masquerade costume!

Tarrus Riley: (Twitter: @taurusrileyja) Wanty wanty nuh get it and getty getty nuh want it!

Cecile: (Instagram: @badgyalcecile) Lots of flight time but still cute! Pretty traveller girl rocks! #sydney #australia #travel #music…

Cherine Anderson: (Facebook) 5 REASONS WHY WOMEN BETRAY OTHER WOMEN: “(1) Self Hatred (2) We seek external validation (3) We do not honor ourselves (4) We mimic what we’ve seen (5) We hold unrealistic demands and expectations” – Iyanla …My sisters, aunties, mothers, friend —Ladies we’ve got work to do #dancehallSouldiers

Sanya Richards-Ross: (Twitter: @SanyaRichiRoss) Nice!!! RT @USATrack_Field: Eating lunch and look who was staring back from the tray @SanyaRichiRosspic.twitter.com/1DJfSciOuU

DJ Nicholas: (Facebook) Trinidad looking forward to see you on April 27th. We keeping it loud!

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