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Saint Lucia Jazz finale maintains its stellar reputation

May 11, 2009 – Initial assessments of the Saint Lucia Jazz weekend, indicate the event’s finale met organizers expectations. Patrons had feared that rain would dampen the final days of the week-long festival, after Thursday’s show was cancelled due to inclement weather.

However, Corporate Communications Manager of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB) Dainea Augier said by all indications Sunday’s show delivered in numbers, as has been the case in previous years.

“The performances in particular did also live up to expectations. I think a lot of patrons said that the head liners delivered as they should, and I think a lot of them were really proud of the fact that we had a lot of Saint Lucian acts on main stage this year, so that was not only a proud moment for Saint Lucia, but it was also a very proud moment for a lot of our international visitors, who did make those comments and observations to us,” said Augier.

The annual event, although still co-produced by BET-J, has transitioned into a more locally produced affair with the contracting of Saint Lucian companies to handle technical logistics.

“In the past we did not have the sort of technology that we have on island right now and I think a lot of our workers actually went out and did a lot of training. A lot of local companies invested in the right sort of equipment, and so we can now safely say that this is produced by our local companies, because they made the effort, and they invested in their staff and equipment,” said Augier.

Augier said a formal post mortem of the event, including specific statistics on ticket sales will be available as early as Wednesday of this week.

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