Sale… Jamaican Life

Man ah get gun down an blood ah run inna de guttas
An everybody up in arms ah bawl an ah wail
Jamaican life… fe sale… cheap, cheap
An we have takers…
An de Maddas ah cry, an de sista dem ah weep
Jamaican life… fe sale… cheap, cheap

Policeman ah get bun out an de bomb dem ah drap
gunman ah walk an kill who dem feel fe ded,
cause Jamaican life deh pon rollback
Sale, sale, sale
An de pickney dem watch dem future in de smoke
Sale price pon dem farrid, cheap.

Jamaican life pon de auction block, discount tiddeh
But ah long time we ah run sale,
From dem stawt kill we baby dem
Price tag drop
Dem rape we moddas an execute we faadas
Cause we shelf life nuh long, we sell fe cheap.

Jamaica life ah sell awf, wan garrison at a time
If yuh buy two, de odda is half price
Expendable soldiers, paid in full
Jamaican life… cheap
It come wid twenty four seven sex service
As young as you like it, sale… it cheap

So kill wid impunity, it done pay fah arreddi
An mek dem rape we, of all dat lef dat is good
Markdown cause it can’t mark up
Sale… Jamaican life
It ah de only ting we have lef fe sell, an it
Goin cheap…

Jazz © May 2010

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Jazz Clayton