Scotiabank fetes media party in the ‘Great Green Outdoors’

While the waters of the Wag Water River kept the environs of Boone Hall Oasis cool, President Bruce Bowen and the Scotiabank Marketing and Corporate Affairs team feted members of the media in ‘ The Great Green Outdoors’. The event held on Saturday February 26, 2011, was rich in the creative skills. 

As usual Scotia goes for exceptional talent to give those they fete the best. 

Media workers and other specially invited guests were being well tucked away in the St Andrew Hills as they were feted with an array of entertainment. Massages and face/body painting were welcomed as HoneyKist provided giveaways, all topped off with  ‘Go Green’ fashion show and fantastic food and  impeccable service.
You could not ask for more after the combo of all the arts meted out.

Behind the fashion show was Scotiabank’s Stephanie Brown who created attractive clothing items from recyclable materials such as newspapers, garbage bags and rice bags, all donned by proud staffers literally leading the ‘going green’.

At departure, guests were given their choice of young trees – from  June plum, Breadfruit, Mango, Orange or Otaheite Apple along with ‘Scotia Goes Green’ shopping bags.