Searching For The Best : Jamaican Book Review

About Searching For The Best

This Jamaican author brilliantly lays out a framework for people from all walks of life to assume the reigns of their lives through her own personal insights and interpretations of biblical scripture. Dr.Hatcher poses this far-reaching question to her readers: Are you seeking control of your life, or are you a victim of your own condition? Any man, woman, or child will dream, but what really matters is if they strive to make those dreams come to fruition. With this in mind, Dr. Hatcher uses her own goals to spell out how she has made the necessary steps to achieve them. Dr. Hatcher’s ambition to become a professor at world-renowned Oral Roberts University in Tulsa,Okla, for example, has led to her quantifying the steps necessary in becoming a professor. At separate intervals in her life, she vowed to finish her bachelor’s degree, graduate and doctoral degree. And so she did finish those degrees, as outlined in the book.

As a devout Christian, Dr. Hatcher uses biblical scripture to explain how she overcame the varying obstacles and challenges she faced. When, for example, her boss received a promotion, Dr. Hatcher thought that her superior would vouch for her to take the vacant position. She was on her own with this matter! She did, however, refer to Solomon’s proverbs to have faith that she would overcome this demoralizing setback. With this scripture and so many more in the book, anyone can read and analyze God’s word and apply it to their own situation, and ultimately take total control of their own life.

About The Author
Dr. Elmay Powell-Hatcher has overcome extraordinary odds to become an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida. She came to America in 1982, after spending years earning a modest living as an officer in the Jamaican Constabulary Force. In America, however, the young Hatcher had to take on odd jobs to support herself. ” I remember having to work for low wages at restaurants, department stores and even residential homes,” Dr. Hatcher recalls. What compounded her struggle was her having a family to support; however, she took control of her own life and ultimately got her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership in 2004. Look for Dr. Hatcher to be a major player in published material about inspiration as she is in the process of writing another book, which is not yet titled.

Independent Review
This book changed my life, I have not come across many books from Jamaican authors, so that initially caught my attention. Her life story intertwined with powerful messages on how to take charge of your life and follow your dreams has made me totally revamp my life. Great book! – Lisa

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