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Tweens and Teens "Sharing The Gift"

Someone wrote, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Can you guess what time of the year that is? That time is Christmas. Most children I know absolutely love Christmas for one reason….PRESENTS! Who does not like to see wrapped gifts with tags bearing their names under a beautifully decorated Christmas tree? You wait in anticipation to see what surprises are hidden behind the beautifully wrapped gifts. You may even go as far as shaking your gift to guess what mom or dad got you this time.

The closer you get to Christmas, the more excited you become. You can’t wait for Christmas morning to arrive. You wonder if that new Play Station 3 is hidden among your gifts. You hope for that iPod you’ve hinted at all year. Whatever it is, you can’t wait to see it.

There is one gift that you don’t have to wait for. That gift you can share with all your friends and family and still have the gift for yourself. That gift is Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate His birth at Christmas, why not share this precious gift with someone who needs to know Him? How about that lonely boy who is afraid to hang out with all the cool kids? How about that sad girl who runs home after school? How about your classmate who tells you about all the fun stuff that he does on Sundays but you never hear him talk about going to Church?

You don’t need to be shy. You can start by telling your friends and your classmates at Christmastime that Jesus is the reason for the season. Tell them that God so loved the world that He gave His only son so they would be saved. That may be the start of a great conversation just because you took the time to share the Gift.

Merry Christmas.

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