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Skip Marley

Skip Marley

Featured in Teen Vogue and called a member of reggae royalty, Skip Marley, grandson of Bob Marley, says that his music is about “peace, love, and happiness,” along with unity and togetherness. At age 19, he displays a strong physical resemblance to his grandfather, and his approach to music and life is very similar as well. Although Skip never met his legendary relative, he told Teen Vogue that he was always aware of who he was and that “he was everywhere in the house.” Skip realized he wanted to follow music as a career at the age of 11 or 12 when he became aware of the positive effects Bob Marley’s music had on the world. In the summer of 2015, Skip released “Cry to Me,” his debut single. A publishing deal with Blue Mountain Music followed, as did concert appearances with two of his uncles, Damian and Stephen Marley. Skip said that while on the tour he could “feel his grandfather’s spirit.” In a moving tribute to Bob Marley, Skip said “My grandfather was there because he lives on through our music. We’re his family, so to sing reggae is a spiritual thing. Every time we perform he’s there, living through us. He’s there. He’s in the music. He is the music. That’s how I look at it. We don’t miss him because he’s here. He’s not gone. He’s here. Always.”

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