Solange Writes Thank-You Letter to Jamaica, Describes Her Recording Process in Dazed Magazine

Solange Writes Thank-You Letter to Jamaica

In a seven-part thank-you letter, singer Solange, who is working on a follow-up to her “A Seat at the Table” recording, offers details of her recording process for the spring/summer 2018 issue of Dazed magazine. Each of the letter’s seven parts pays tribute to a different facet of Jamaica that Solange associates with the qualities of restoration and with happy memories for her. The tribute includes Runaway Bay, Port Antonio, St. Elizabeth, Grace Jones, and Kingston.  In discussing how she records new music, she wrote, “When I am creating new work, I always feel a bit unbalanced.” She went on to describe how the sounds of nature find their way into a recording and wonders whether an “esoteric” new song will appeal to Stevie Wonder. Her discussion of new music follows the revelation that she is working on a follow-up to the 2016 album “A Seat at the Table,” but she insists that she is “not interested in entertainment at this moment.” Speaking to Billboard magazine, Solange said the Dazed letter touches on her accidental tracking of Joni Mitchell as she records around the globe. Solange also shared a new art installation called Metatronia after she joined Beyonce in a dance at Coachella.

Information and Source: Solange/Saint Records InstagramDazed Magazine 

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