My son as my witness and beneficiary for my Jamaica land?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I am dying and I dont want all and sundry in my business. I need help in writing a will so that my son can have my land after I am dead. He still does not know that I will be dying soon. I am asking for help in preparing the document so he can sign as my witness in the privacy of my home. Can you prepare something for me?
Marsha Hinds



RESPONSE: Dear Marsha,

Assisting you to prepare your Will comes with a fee from anyone in our network who would be assigned to you. There are however some guidelines you need to be aware of as it relates to the Jamaica jurisdiction. The guidelines for creating a valid Will will be posted on this site. However, as it relates to your immediate scenario, you should know that a beneficiary cannot be a witness and vice versa. It is also recommended that you have two witnesses to your Will. Other requirements to preparing a valid Will will be listed on this site soon, and so you are invited to stay connected.

Legal Wiz