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Soothing Hair Massage Therapy Recipe

If you are stressed and burnt out this December or any other time of the year,  and you want to do something that is only for you, this massage recipe soothes the head and stimulates the scalp. On top of all of that it smells really good and will add some aromatherapy to your day. Whilst many persons will do a scalp massage before bed or when they find some down time at work, there are some persons who reach for their stress reliever at work. Carry a bottle to work and in your lunchtime do five minutes of massage and ease the tension in your head. Ensure that your hair is back to being sleek after your massage. Use to massage scalp especially on those days when you are most stressed. Your hair will benefit and you will feel better.


Lavender, Sage Massage Recipe

10 drops Lavender
3 drops Sage
6 tsp Sweet almond Oil

Blend all essential oils in a bottle (glass bottles are best) then add the sweet almond oil. Shake well.

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