Jamaican Patois Sound Clips


To listen to a the patois sound clips, just click on any of the link with a  next to them.

A fe me car
It’s my car.

Unno nuh fe heat de green mango dem
You all are not to eat the green mangoes

Gwaan go heat 
Go on and eat

Whey yuh a seh!
Whats going on!

Yuh too renk!
You too out of order!

Mi a tutty years old
I am thirty years old

A nuh jus Yessideh de pickney bawn!
Isn’t just yesterday that child was born

Mi nuh wan nutten fe eat
I don’t want anything to eat

Tretch out yuh han.
Stretch out your hand

Ooh yuh fraid a?
Who are you afraid of?

Weh Bigga puddung de bag?
Where did bigga put down the bag?

Memba mi haffi lef Chewsday
Remaber I will have to leave on Tuesday

Das why wi lose
Thats why we lost

Mi was suh mad mi almost drap dung!
I was so mad I almost fell down!

Ooh yuh ketch cole fram?
Who didi you catch a cold from?

De likkle ooman
The little woman

Smady live inna dat deh yard
Somebody live in that yard.

As yuh quint it, it gwan.
By the time you blink, it is gone.