Southern Region Pioneers Initiative to Groom Young Males Into Healthy Responsible Men

The Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) through a partnership with the National Association for the Family has embarked on an intervention titled “Man-Up- A Call to Healthy, Responsible Manhood”.

Regional Technical Director of the SRHA, Dr. Michael Coombs who is the pioneer explained that the initiative targets young men between the ages of 15 to 25 years and was developed from evidence showing that male related issues are linked to crime and violence, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity and other issues which are having devastating effects on the social fabric of the country.

He added that the programme is a brainchild of a wider initiative called “Good Health Begins at Home” targeting parents to foster a healthy and happy home which will impact the society positively.

Scores of young men from secondary and tertiary institutions across the southern region attended the first in a series of the programme’s retreats on Friday, February 19 at the Kendal Camp and Conference Centre in Manchester. The retreat facilitated oral and video presentations, testimonials and group discussions which addressed key male related issues while highlighting the importance of fatherhood, families, marriage and treating women with respect.

The Technical Director who is also the founder and chair of the National Association of the Family pointed out that though changes will not occur in one day he hopes the initiative will become a movement and “with God’s help will transform the nation”. He added that he hopes the initiative will continue in schools through “Man Up” Clubs.

“There are many voices competing for the minds of men, which has added to the confusion in our society especially among young men. I hope you will join the journey to becoming healthy responsible men” Dr. Coombs told the young men.

Regional Director for the SRHA, Michael Bent lauded the initiative noting that it is well needed in today’s society. He encouraged the young men to share what they learnt with their peers and encouraged them to begin the journey of becoming responsible men.

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