St. Hugh’s Alumna Swansation Tea Party Attracts Over 400 Attendees

St Hugh’s Alumnae Association of South Florida for a 5th straight year, hosted a sold out Swansation Tea party. Over 400 guests came out to support the well anticipated annual event. Ladies paraded beautifully in elegant hats and fascinaters. Tables were decorated with creative freedom, bursting with spring colors, boasting St. Hugh’s High school flair, with many choosing to highlight Jamaica’s 55th year of independence. Attendees enjoyed our fashion show, hat contest and saxophonist. The afternoon culminated with the crowd rocking and swaying to the distinct vocals of none other than St Hugh’s alumna, Karen Smith, who chose to launch her new album “Rush” with her south Florida Swan sisters.

Smith also booked another appearance at the event for 2018. SHAAFL’s 2017 fundraiser was designed to surpass its previous year’s goal; the group has raised US$55,000 over the past five years. SHAAFL raises funds to provide a hot breakfast, lunch, transportation, and school and exam fees for students who do not have other means of support.

“Swansation Tea is our annual signature fundraising event that gets bigger each year. These events allow us to raise funds to support the neediest young ladies at St. Hugh’s Hugh School who have enormous lack of daily essentials” says Karen Lee Murphy, president of the St Hugh’s Alumnae Association of South Florida (SHAAFL).

The organization has been in operation for 27 years, and their tea party fundraisers are always high on the list of must-attend events.

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