St-Mary Native, CT Based Rising Dancehall & Reggae Artist Lex-A-Million Releases “Aye Gyal”

Making his mark in the musical arena, St-Mary, Jamaica native now U.S based dancehall and reggae Lex-A-Million has worked with various notable names such as acclaimed JA production, Delly Ranks, and multi-media Diva Nikki Z to name a few. After a brief musical hiatus, the rising star is kicking off 2016 with hit bound dancehall single “Aye Gyal”.

Produced by Emilio Bowens for Track Starr Music Group and written by Lex-A-Milliom himself, the single aims to make you dance while evoking  feel good feeling and a sense of musical euphoria. Speaking on his new track, the rising star explained “I feel as an artist it’s my duty to make the masses feel good by creating feel good music, that’s what this new song is about. I think anyone can relate to Aye Gyal, but from a male perspective this girl from no where just has an immediate hold on me whether it’s a mental , physical, or even a physical attraction which leads me to come to the conclusion seh she must breed fi mi… Or in other words lets turn this into a forever thing lol. But I definitely wanted to cater more to the ladies and with the help of TrackStarrMusic, TheFaceykid, my peers, and my city I feel like “Aye Gyal” was perfect to Kick Off my #Milli campaign.”