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Stages of Me – Jamaican Book Review

About the Novel

Stages of Me is an urban romantic thriller that revolves around the disintegration of the intricately interwoven lives of members of three starkly different New Jersey families. With elements of sex, betrayal, infidelity and murder, the story is gritty and unflinching but at its core is one that is predicated on love and the peaks and valleys of family relationships.

The saga unfolds through the eyes of a troubled suburban couple, attorneys Patrick Stratton and his fiancée Lena Simpson, as well as their young charge Andy Sterling. Unaware of his special connection with Lena, 19-year-old Andy goes to work for her brother Danville “Southpaw” Simpson, a shady crime boss masquerading as a legitimate businessman. After his single-parent father Winston walks out on him, Andy turns to Southpaw for solace and fulfillment. Paired with his best friend Maurice, the young Andy finds himself in the middle of the operations of a dangerous crime syndicate just as the Feds are closing in. As he deals with the loss of his life as he knows it, Andy goes through the classic stages of grief in a journey that takes him through a gauntlet of raw emotions and ultimately left him wondering whether or not his life is worth living.

The travails of these three main characters take them from the sleepy town of Cedar Grove, NJ to the bustling streets of Midtown Manhattan, NY and even to the tropical paradise of Montego Bay, Jamaica. But ultimately they all found out that no matter the locale the stages of grief still has to run its full course. And each stage could prove to be even more difficult than the last.

I started reading this book in the morning, and I didn’t put it down until that night when I finished it. A very easy, fast read with a lot of twists and turns. I’ve already passed it along to another friend. – by K N

I read this book in a matter of two days. It was an excellent book. I loved the story and all the suprises that came along. – by c.rellew

About the Author
A native of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Courtney Lloyd White grew up and still lives in New Jersey where he graduated from Monmouth University and Rutgers University.  Courtney writes in two genres as his other novel Journey to Pinnacus is a mythic fiction/urban fantasy tome. He may be contacted at http://author.courtneylloyd.com.

Where to Get the Book:
Stages of Me is available at http://author.courtneylloyd.com or at Amazon.com.


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