Star of “The Color Purple” Movie Fantasia Barrino-Taylor Confesses Her Love for Jamaica

The American singer and actress Fantasia Barrino-Taylor, who has a starring role as “Celie” in the new film version of “The Color Purple,” confessed her love of Jamaica and its vibe in a video interview given to Variety Magazine during a press tour for the film’s release.

A Welcome Endorsement

A portion of the video was posted to X, formerly Twitter, on January 12, 2024, by Jamaica’s Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry welcomed the rapturous endorsement of the Caribbean island by Barrino-Taylor, who previously played “Celie” in the 2007 musical version of “The Color Purple” on Broadway. When asked by the Variety interview to name her favorite travel destination, she did not hesitate to say, “I love Jamaica!” According to the Ministry, the multi-Grammy award winner has frequently visited Jamaica as a concert headliner and was able to enjoy some personal time on the island connecting with its people and culture.  Here are a few of her favorite things about Jamaica mentioned in the interview.

1. Jamaica is her favorite travel destination.

2. She is enthusiastic about the food, exclaiming to Variety, “Oh my god, the food in Jamaica!”

3. She loves to eat and shared that her love of Jamaica’s cuisine means that she will “definitely be gaining a couple of pounds” on a visit.

4. She loves to go to clubs in Jamaica and dance all night.