Starbucks’s Possible Entry into Jamaican Market Brings Mixed Reactions

Jamaica, the home of Blue Mountain Coffee, a brand with world renown, could see the international coffee chain Starbucks begin to do business on the island. The possibility has brought mixed reactions from the public. Among those who have negative reactions to possible Starbucks outlets, most assume that the stores will not be selling local coffee. According to at least one Blue Mountain coffee broker, the chain might follow a model used in Colombia where it sells a variety of local coffees through its cafes. One obstacle to this approach is that using Blue Mountain could make Starbucks’s offerings too expensive. Several local coffee shops in Jamaica do sell Blue Mountain at reasonable prices, however. Jamaicans who support the expansion of Starbucks on the island believe it will be good to have more choices, and Starbucks sees potential in the Jamaican market, having already expanded into Latin America and operating 42 outlets in five nations in the Caribbean.

Photo Credit – Copyright: miluxian / 123RF Stock Photo