Statement by Min. of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck, on the Death of Justice of the Peace Colin Corrodus

It is with deep sadness that I have learnt about last night’s tragic death of St. Ann based Senior Justice of the Peace 82-year-old Colin Corrodus.

He’s the brother of Custos of St. James, Ewen Corrodus.

Mr. Corrodus operated a retail business in Epworth in St. Ann’s Bay, and served the parish with great distinction.

His murder in his own home is yet another stark reminder of the urgency that confronts the people and Government of Jamaica, to urgently and relentlessly address the twin evil of crime and violence in the country.

His tragic death must confirm in our minds, the singular threat that is faced by every Jamaican, which is not just impeding the economic growth and the development of the country, but is also creating a blanket of fear and insecurity in our communities, places of business, and in our homes.

Even as we mourn his and other tragic deaths across Jamaica, there must be a collective will to change the course and to move the country towards peace, security and justice

In this moment of darkness, our determination must be the light, and in this time of grief, it is our resolve that must give us hope, and in the depth of today’s loss we must find optimism to lead our country to a better tomorrow.

I am even more determined to accelerate the pace of justice reform, which I firmly believe is one of the most important successes that the country must have to reverse the rampant criminality in our midst.

My sincere condolence to his loved ones, friends, as well as the wider members of the JP fraternity.

By Ministry of Justice