Staycation: 5 Things I like about Café Mocha Restaurant in Montego Bay

Why vacation anywhere else? is taking you on a journey around the island; making stops at the best hotels, restaurants, and entertainment spots in Jamaica to remind you why this small, Caribbean territory can be described as an island paradise.

Our second stop….. Café Mocha Restaurant located on the Bay Harbour Complex on Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay. I teamed up with Media Toll agency to capture and share my 2-hour lunch date at this cool restaurant.
Café Mocha offers customers delicious breakfast and lunch dishes while they enjoy a perfect view of the Caribbean Sea. Now here are 5 things I enjoyed about my lunch date there.

  1. A Variety of Dishes

You can visit this restaurant for a snack, for lunch or for early dinner. It offers a diverse menu which includes sandwiches, wraps, cooked meals (Jamaican staple: rice and peas with fried chicken or escoveitch fish) and a host of coffee beverages, smoothies, and light alcoholic drinks. I had a two-course meal; for the appetizer, I tried the vegetable spring rolls and mozzarella sticks, and for the entrée, I tried the escoveitch fish with mashed potatoes. Then I was refreshed with a fruit punch smoothie. Amazing! The vegetable spring rolls were nicely stacked with freshly sautéed cabbage and carrots and you could taste every bit of seasoning in the escoveitch fish and mashed potatoes. Although mozzarella sticks are usually my favourites, this batch was too salty.

Escoveitch Fish and Mashed Potatoes
French Fries with a Chicken Wrap
Vegetable Spring Rolls and Mozzarella Sticks

 2. The Perfect View

The food was great but it was complimented by a spectacular view of the ocean! Café Mocha Restaurant is located on the top floor of the Bay Harbour Complex, overlooking Montego Bay’s oceanfront. What an idyllic setting for a proposal! This location can easily be described as the best place for a quiet, business meeting or the setting for a special proposal. Are you following me?

(Watch my live video on Facebook page to see what I’m talking about)

3. Friendly Staff

All staff members including the Deaf Can Coffee representative greeted me with warm smiles and top-notch hospitality. I felt like royalty from the minute I entered this food establishment until I left. I am a strict, vegetarian so I am quite keen on how my meals are prepared and the ingredients used. So naturally while browsing the menu, I had several questions for the waitresses and they answered every question well.

4. 21st Century Convenience

Café Mocha offers free, wireless connection to its customers and, let me add that the Wi-Fi is popping! I streamed more than one live video using its Wi-Fi connection and my videos did not freeze. Also, conveniently installed behind most of the seating booths are charging ports for customers like me who always need to recharge our mobile devices.

Charging Port

5. Inclusiveness

I was pleased to be greeted by a Deaf Can Coffee barrister, Peter Smith at Café Mocha. It warmed my heart to see how well Peter, despite his disability, blended in with the other staff members. After further inquiries, I was told that he joined the team recently but you could never tell.

Now a recap of my lunch date would not be complete without recommending a few areas the restaurant could work to improve.


If you’re not from Montego Bay you may have a difficult time finding this restaurant. The restaurant is adjacent to Burger King and opposite to Margaritaville so if you’re travelling from Howard Cooke Boulevard,  you may want to slow down as you’re approaching Burger King so that you do not miss your turn to Bay Harbour’s parking lot.

Accessibility for Customers in Wheelchairs

Café Mocha Restaurant sits on the top floor of Bay Harbour Complex so if you’re travelling in a wheelchair, you may need a lift up the winding staircase which leads to the restaurant and other stores. Possibly, the complex could look into installing a ramp or an elevator to accommodate potential customers with physical disabilities.

I enjoyed my time at Café Mocha. Take a look (watch the video below).

To learn more about Café Mocha Restaurant, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.