Stay In Your Place

They keep telling me to
Stay in my place
I’ve heard it so much
That I have begun to
Voluntarily stay in that place
They say is mine

Give me an opportunity
To show who I know
I can be
No… they said
Stay in your place
The place we assigned you

I have something to say
Let my voice be heard
No… they said
Who you… what can you say
No… oh no… stay in your place

I am left to ponder…
What is this place
I am assigned
A place of limits
A place that confines
Me to be less than me
The true me
The real me
The epitomized me
A place where all men should be
Free …just to be… and do all
For which they are placed on earth

So I must remove
The limitations of that place
That even I began
To be self-confined
And emancipate my mind
From staying in that place
Of retardation, bondage
Suppression… regression
No freedom of expression
Of the blossoming me
So no… I will not “stay in your place”
For it is yours… not mine!

Karen L. McFarlane © 2008/7/25

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