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Jamaican Food Fight: Stew peas vs Curry goat – Guess Who Won?

We asked our facebook fans who would win a Jamaican food fight between Stew peas vs Curry goat. Here are the results and what some of our fans wrote. Feel free to add your own comments.

Vote count:
Stew peas  –  50%
Curry goat  – 50%

Selected Comments:

N Cauldero – Stew peas. Haffi have pig tail though

D Dias – LOL! I asked my daughter to choose. Her response…” Mom, do you not know me?, curry goat, DUH!”.

D Rogers – Curry goat all day!!

S buoy – u really need to go back to JA. stew peas for me love the pig tail w salt beef wah sweet so

A Braham – Curry goat. I hate stew peas.

M McLeod – Curry goat wins hands down!

J Stewart – Stew peas EVERY TIME!!!

S Thomas – Curry goat for me, please!

G Lee – Stew peas, my favourite.

M Byles – anyways stew peas with lots of pigs tail that is carrying the swing right now… smile…

E Davis – If there’s pig tail….., stew peas all the way; with chicken foot I might add!

D Nastasi – Oh, Lawd…mi love both, but mi must say Curry Goat!

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