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In this installment of Our Stories, Qura VX shares how his friends plotted to kill him….For many people, Jamaica is pictured as an island paradise – white sandy beaches, a beautiful and vivacious culture, rich and wholesome food, and attractive people. And while that image is not far from the truth, if the lens is focused on the inspirational stories of ordinary Jamaicans, you’d find a sharper, richer and truer image of the Jamaican experience…this is Our Stories!

Meet Mark “Qura VX” Hyman

Qura VX and Richie Feelings

This accomplished voice actor, musician and studio engineer has missed death on many occasions. His most vivid memory was a time when his friends plotted to kill him. Mark said during his pre-teen years he led a gang of thieves who raided grocery stores and stalls at least one night per week.
However, as his popularity grew in Kingston’s vulnerable communities, his accomplices became envious. And they carefully planned what would have been the final life script of their influential leader.
When I sat down with the hilarious comedian and artiste, he told me that a close relative saved his life by giving him prior warning.

1.How did you escape that death plot?
Alright. One a di night dem when my friends did a setup fi go a one shop and rob di shop, one a my family memba dem tell mi seh dem hear my friend a talk bout mi.
Him a inform the other person seh mi a di first one them want to go in (enter the shop). Di person go know wa a gwaan and shoot me.
Mi glad dat did happen and mi glad mi find out. Maybe that’s why mi deh yah same way.

2.So you got the warning, did you go?
Yuh see di thing is, when mi know seh a me fi go in first mi stay behind and tell dem seh mi nah feel dis.
A man a seh, ‘no man a you fi deal wid it’.
And mi back back out. (Accomplice said),
‘yah idiot? how yuh fi a back out? You a move like you a gyal, yah waste man’.
So mi seh, ‘hear wa, him go’ (points out another friend).
Mi get fi find out seh no man want to go (laughs).

3. So the entire gang was aware of this plan?
(Laughs) Everybody was in. (Eventually) dem know seh mi know.

4. Did you ever fear that they would try again to plot your death?
Yea man di ‘mount a fear weh gather up inna my heart. One a di time mi couldn’t even sleep. When you a do certain tings you can’t even sleep comfortable because you know seh anytime anything can happen. Police can kill you. Your own friends can kill you. Dem life deh, a dat happen.

5. So how did you put that negative lifestyle behind you?
Because me live a Cooreville and dem live weh dem deh. Me just tek mi lickle time and back out. If mi nuh deh a Cooreville, mi deh inna di country. Breeze out. Cooreville, country or anywhere else but mi just stay away from some people.
A focus and dedication wid doing other things weh mi know mi can mek myself better. Mi have a dream to be one of Jamaica’s best entertainers, musicians.

6. Who is Qura VX, the entertainer?
Mi a studio engineer, deejay, singer, rapper. Mi use to dance way back when but mi done wid dat. Mi do almost every genre of music. Wa day yah mi do a country western.
(I’m) one of the most versatile artistes. It takes a lot out of an artiste to sing, deejay and have many many voices.

7. Where you get so many voices? How did you discover that talent?
From school days, back in the days of Twins of Twins. If mi hear anything wa have a little fun thing to it, mi glamorise it and bring it to di forefront.
Inna school dem (call) mi talented deejay, joker, comedian, gimmicks man. People use to tell mi seh, you’re going to be an entertainer. This is just you, your thing dat. Mi try to shun from it, try to do other things but music always pull me.
I’ve done songs with over 5 different voices. (An example) I did a song for ZJ Chrome for Urban Mondays.

8. What exposure have you gained so far through entertainment?
Mi do advertisements, WorldNet advertisements, mi have songs inna movies. Mi act in a little movie weh deh a Russia a play name – Living a Dream. Mi do some other advertisements – Conserve It, Superior Auto Parts.
Mi do mi first official music video – See You Never Again.

9. What do you hope to achieve in the next five years as an entertainer?
Grammy awards, multiple. This is what I’m doing now, working with top producers like Jay Crazie Records weh build majority of the rhythms for Vybz Kartel. We link wid Marcus Records.
We have an aim, we have a vision and we a work towards it.

10. What is your advice to young people who engage in petty crimes?
Young people all yuh have to do is siddung and observe life. You will see where the bad tek yuh, and where the good tek yuh. It nuh really necessary fi yuh attract the violence and negative energy. It only ago cost your life, your friends and family (members). That’s why I would advise young people to stay focused on your dreams and stay on the right track.

Thank you Qura VX for sharing your story!

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