Stray Cat from Jamaica Now a Canadian Citizen – Over $100,000 paid to fly the cat to Canada

Jamaican Cat Becomes Canadian

When Canadian Barbara Adhiya found a black cat on the grounds of the Moon Palace resort in Ocho Rios and realized it was sick and injured, her impulse was to get him the care he needed. She had no intention of adopting the feline, but after getting to know him better and seeing what a sweet and well-behaved animal he was, she ultimately paid over J$100,000to fly the cat back home to Canada with her. Adhiya first named the cat “Peeta” (what she said was “Peter” with a Jamaican accent), but has since changed his name to “Marley” because “it suited him more” to be named for the reggae legend Bob Marley. Initially, Adhiya tried to take the cat to a local animal shelter for treatment of his injuries and infection, but was told the shelter was overcrowded. That’s when she made the decision to take him to Toronto, saying he “deserves a good life.” She used GoFundMe to crowdfund the money needed to get medical treatment for Marley and raised J$24,028 through the online platform, but had to supplement that amount herself with about. J$54,000 for treatment and boarding and J$60,706 on airfare and paperwork to get him into the country. Adhiya works for Reuters, the news agency, and volunteers with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Canada. She reports that Marley is doing well and will make someone “a wonderful furry companion.”

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