Strength Speak—-to our ancestor

Dearest: Do you wish to see the unknown?

Only with you my love!

With a long kiss, she blew to the heaven,

As their eyes fixed;

She spoke softly to stillness,

“My soul yearns deeply to know him;

But who are we?

“We are his children, strength speak,”

And where will you take me?

She whispered once again, softly,

To the unlimited….to the unlimited;

Come, close your eyes, and hold my hand,

Let us be brave;

Let us see pure beauty,

As strength point to the stars above;

He told poetic stories of their ancestor,

Her heart smiled;

She dream knowing Greatness,

She vision seeing his heart;

She dream feeling his love,

She felt her mind and his were one;

As they travel to meet divinity;

The world had no void,

The world spoke love;

The world touched their heart

And she knew strength speak.


©2002 Maxine Foster

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