Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A: Can you suggest a super-relaxing location in Jamaica

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email:  I am stressed out from my job and need a super-relaxing location in Jamaica, any suggestions?

Debbie P. – Negril, lovely beaches and a laid back vibe

Aisha W. – That hotel over there in Portland. Portland is quite a calm and relaxing Parish

Volker M. – The Jamaica Beach Cottages

Bjørn D. – Hedo! Relax later!

Deena K. – SOUTH COAST, TRY A VILLA IF YOU WANT TO RELAX!! Lime Acre in white house or Rainbow Tree or Rainbow Point in Treasurer Beach, Pon da Rock in TB is awesome if you like camping type style, they have small cottages and five min walk to Ft Charles beach. Definitely south coast though if you don’t want hustle and bustle, also hit the wood carver just after boarder jerk on the mountain, he can carve anything if you have a picture, but ask price before hand just to make sure you are on the same page about what you want to spend, His name is Devon he very friendly and has an awesome family check him out, I know I will be in another 8 days!!!

Amanda S. –  Go to Port Antonio.

Sweetsrgg R. –  Tensing Pen in Negril!

Vanessa S. –  The Spanish hotel el Greco in Montego Bay