‘Talk is Cheap Action is Priceless’ – Jamaica Diaspora Conference 2015

Negativity and ‘bad talk’ sometimes will affect ‘good people’ – the Butterfly Effect. Be assured though, that in the midst of production, accomplishments and achievements, talk becomes cheap and meaningless.

It is indeed a pleasure to be a part of the growth process from embryo.  I have watched the Diaspora movement grow from strength to strength; two hundred participants at Conference 2004 to two thousand two hundred eighty two at Conference 2015, a steady percentile increase.  In 2015, we are no longer looking at just a couple of “six foot” tables at the entrance of the Conference Center, Downtown Kingston,  in what was then ‘The Market Place’, but an array of agencies, organizations and businesses promoting products and services on the go. The market place this past week boasted over 100 businesses leaving close to 50 hopeful enthusiasts stranded, unable participate in the conference marketplace due to overcrowding.

The accomplishments of the Diaspora engagements through initiatives to Jamaica are innumerable.  The social services, health and education, enjoyed massive increases in deliverables from a mobile unit (UK over £100) Education Camp (US$340,000.00), teacher development and empowerment in STEM, US$90,000 and contributions from the many alumni associations and non profit organizations.

If you are still at the ‘talking shop’ for Biennial Conferences, then you are indeed not in the know. Certainly, I have gleaned, observed and experienced growth more than many; after all, I have been there since inception. The work and worth of the Jamaica Diaspora are now blatant and prominent.

  • Jamaica, businesses and Jamaicans inside our homes are now aware of the significance of the Jamaica Diaspora – 3,000,000 and counting globally.
  • Diaspora engagements – members are now open and willing to engage through collaborations and partnerships.

Initially, a few years ago, the Diaspora was only seen as a cash cow and remittance generator, however through “talks and actions” achievements and accomplishments, it is clear,  “Partnerships and Collaborations” have
swapped over “cash cow” and we all left Conference 2015 believing that anything is possible, Anything!!!

The Day of Service did not include much paint pans and brushes, but delivered Enrichment Activities derived and executed from the Developmental Plans of the last Jamaica Diaspora Conference.  Obviously, the goals are set and the objectives are met; a winning combination for the future.

Value this friends, I have worked with the Diaspora for ten years and I have never fallen off the bandwagon…

I have served with pride

I have been “guided through countless hours”

I will continue to “pledge my loyalty to my country”

Never in my life will I refrain from returning to the favorite place called home –

A place where it doesn’t matter what we do but whether or not we do

A place where the next steps in collaboration and partnership will take us to new heights, new possibilities and new hope for “Jamaica, Land we live to Love”

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Leo Gilling