Tanya Stephens Defends Etana’s Support of Donald Trump

Jamaican reggae artiste and entertainer Tanya Stephens is defending fellow Jamaican singer Etana’s right to have her own political views Etana has been on the receiving end of strong criticism on social media following her announcement that she is supports Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President of the United States. Stephens offered her defense of Etana in a social media video, hitting back at everyone who criticized the singer for stating her political position. The controversy began when Etana shared her political views during a television interview, claiming that her music is not related to her beliefs. She has since said she will no longer do television interviews because of a fear of being misrepresented. Stephens has been an outspoken social critic for some time and has called on her fellow entertainers to be more socially responsible. She has also spoken out dancehall lyrics that objectify women, bigotry, and human rights violations.

Note: Etana issued an apology statement to fans after the interview.