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Tarrus Riley Debuts on Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Tarrus Riley has made it to the Billboard Hot 100 music chart with a recording entitled “Powerful,” which features Major Lazer and Ellie Goulding. The track currently ranks Number 95 on the chart. This is the first time Riley has had a tune among the Hot 100, in spite of being consistently popular in Jamaica and Europe for some ten years. On “Powerful,” Major Lazer mixes reggae music with pop, giving the track a unique wound. Riley says he traveled to Florida to work on another project with Major Lazer but since they finished that project very quickly, they had time to pursue other avenues. Riley put down his track, and Ellie Goulding added her artistry later, creating something he called “magic.” In comments on Riley’s debut, Billboard called the track a “sweeping anthem” that combined old-school R&B with the “dancehall-ready sound” of Major Lazer. Billboard credited Riley with keeping things “in line with Jamaican musical roots.”

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