Poem: Tenky Miss Lou, Tenky

Mi is a born Jamaican, an mi proud
An yuh fi feel proud to
Fi walk roun an big up yuh chest
An say tanks to Miss Lou

When she did start, she neva know
A ow it woulda go
An nuff nuff people wen da laugh
An a call her poppyshow

But she galang strong an stick it out
For she know say she did right
Inna her belly battam she did know one day
Dem mus an boun fi see di light

Entime trouble teck wi a Miss Lou wen put
Wi good name pan di map
An wen dah push Jamaica heritage
An Lawd, she wouldn stap

She say “Teck kin teet kibba heart bun”
When times never so sweet
“Good luck will come as lan as fowl
A scratch up dungle heap”

Nuff a dem did tink say she crazy
An nuff meck up dem face
How she a chat dis buguyaga Patwa sinting
All ova di place

For dem did tink Patwa was bad English
Dem neva know, poor ting
Wouldn tell dem pikni Nancy story
An folk song, dem wouldn sing

But a di jackass wid him lang tail
Baga a coco comin down
An di peel head jankro pon tree tap
Jus meck dem head spin roun

An lickle bi lickle, dem start fi back her
Start fi fan har flame
An see it deh, afta fifty year
Miss Lou a one house hold name

Now wi nuh shame fi chat wi owna language
An wi dah tank yuh fi it Miss Lou
Dem a teach it clear up a university
An ongle sake a yuh

Dem a meck flim, dem a write book
Dem a sing wole heap a song
An a say “Oh Patwa a one good language”
But yuh wen know dat all along
So now wi tan up proud fi be Jamaican
An wi waan di whole world fi hear
Miss Lou, nuff tanks for howdy an tenky
Neva bruck no square