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That tenant in my Jamaican home tore up the notice I gave him

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
On a recent visit to Jamaica, I gave my tenant notice to leave premises. He actually tore it up and cursed at me. Can I still get him removed?
Shara Kayn

LEGAL WIZ: Dear Shara Kayn
You can. It does’nt matter that he, the tenant tore up the notice-to-quit to have him removed from your Jamaican property. Hopefully you filled it up correctly and gave sufficient time according to law. Simply wait till the notice is up and start a PLAINT – court matter for recovery of possession. You will need to state one of the listed reasons according to Jamaican law. It is recommended that you contract someone else to serve the summons that will be issued, by the Court, for the tenant to appear.
Please ensure that your keep a copy of the notice as served, and that it is legal as the dates may be in conflict.
Our team can assist for a nominal fee.

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