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The 2009 Prince & Princess Show

The 2009 Prince & Princess Committee is pleased to present the contestants that will participate in the 2009 prince & princess show, under the theme “Embracing the Legacy of Distinguished Educators.”

The contestant line- up is as follows:
Contestant #1 – Orealia Kelly Primary School
ShaunaKae Lake & Jhoan Heredia
Contestant #2 – Morris Vanterpool Primary School
Arielle Gaskin & Malik Richard
Contestant #3 – Adrian T. Hazell Primary School
Diaz Mussington & Tafari Smith
Contestant #4– Island Harbour Primary School
Audriann Harrigan & Davon Marsh
Contestant #5 – Alwyn Allison Primary School
Chante Pogson & Moses Madrigal

Pre- show activities organized by the committee are geared toward enhancing the participants’ general knowledge, social skills, and fostering good camaraderie. In light of this, the contestants’ social and educational calendar includes:

  • PhotoShoot & Breakfast at Cuisinart Resort & Spa
  • Attend Sunday Service Worship @ St. Mary’s Anglican Church
  • Historic tour @ Heritage Collection Museum
  • Motivational & Etiquette Session
  • Fun day @ the beach
  • Radio Interviews
  • Appearance @Miss Anguilla Swimsuit Competition appearance
  • Appearance @ Opening night of Anguilla’s Summer Festival

The competition is scheduled for August 2, 2009 at the Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre commencing at 6:00pm. We encourage family, friends, teachers and classmates to support their school.

The Show may come once a year and the group (contestants, chaperones, and committee members) may all seem temporary, but the Prince and Princess Show gives participants, chaperones and committee members a chance to build life long friendships while demonstrating team work, patience and dedication. Such opportunities impact young lives, contributing to rich, cultural and social experiences.

“Unite & Fete, it’s Culture time – Anguilla’s Summer Festival 2009”

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