The Best Foods to Try on a Visit to St. Kitts and Nevis

The soils of St. Kitts and Nevis provide the means for growing a variety of produce, while seafood is also found in the surrounding waters in abundance. Goat meat is also a common part of the nation’s cuisine. The cooking style is simple and uses the spices and herbs traditionally used in other West Indies dishes. Rum is a popular drink, and numerous flavored rums are manufactured on St. Kitts. Some favorite dishes are listed below.

1. Conch Fritters 
Conch is considered quite a delicacy in many parts of the world, including St. Kitts. Fritters made with the ocean mollusk have many fans. They are typically eaten as a snack or as a starter to a larger meal. Conch fritters may be served with various sauces to expand the flavor experience.

2. Roti
This unleavened flatbread provides the container for a wide variety of fillings. Tourists find the roti on St. Kitts to be one of their favorite foods in both restaurants and when purchased from street vendors. Fillings range from curried vegetables to chicken or shrimp. Good for lunches on the go and is also popular as a take-home meal.

3. Goat Water
While this traditional dish has a misleading name – it is not a drink – it is a favorite stew enjoyed by locals. In addition to goat meat, and depending on the area in which it is served, the stew can be flavored with papaya, onions, yams, chilies, tomatoes, and other fresh local produce. It is typically served with different types of bread.

4. Sugar Cake
One of the best desserts on the islands. It is made with a mix of sugar, coconut, and ginger. It is unique in that it is then dyed a variety of colors such as pink and brown, which makes it very festive to look at as well as tempting to eat. The cake had a hard exterior that surrounds a soft interior, and the contrasting textures are an excellent combination.

5. Cook-up or Pelau
This is a distinctive St. Kitts treat. The dish offers a savory combination of several types of meat, including beef, salt fish, and pigtail, as well as ingredients like rice, pigeon peas, and various vegetables.

6. Salt Fish and Dumplings
Every visitors to St. Kitts must try salt fish and dumplings, one of the popular local foods. The traditional dish is made with stewed salt fish that has been seasoned with breadfruit, coconut dumplings, and plantains, and flavored with spices. A simple yet filling and very tasty meal.