The Other Side of Paradise : Book Review

About this Book
For Karlyna Bancroft, this fiesty, free spirited thirty-one year old Island girl, returning home to assist in her failing family business was definitely not on her agenda.  At the indirect request of her ailing father to come home and after several years living in the United States and barely surviving financially, Karlyna Bancroft goes home to Jamaica.  She finds that her family’s rum and wine distillery will soon be taken over by a sinister sugar producer, a family acquaintance, who had recently expanded in the rum industry and is engaged to be married to Karlyna’s half sister.  Inadequacies and childhood insecurities resurface within Karlyna and the age-old class and color lines are rearing its ugly head in modern day Jamaica, which Karlyna would have to overcome for her to rescue her family business.

To complicate this situation even more, Karlyna faces her childhood tormentor, Jude Spencer, an enigmatic unrelenting man, who seems to be doing everything to get her to notice him, including dating Karlyna’s best friend. Armed with a few supporters, Karlyna’s attempt at bringing the family business back on its feet is short-lived and she realizes that she may need Jude Spencer’s help if she should ever succeed.

About the Author

M. Chelley Laurenz, a naturalized American, was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. She currently lives and works in New York City. Oracle of the Sun Gods is her debut novel, an attempt at advancing Black ethnic fiction genre by introducing an exciting combination of adventure, romance and subtle mystery to her stories. She enjoys spending time with her family and divides her leisurely time between reading, writing and traveling. She can be emailed at [email protected]
Review Quotes
The Other Side of Paradise was a pleasure to read, with lovely, lyrical, smooth style; the author truly took me to Jamaica, with sumptuous descriptions of the landscape, food and way of life.  I have rather a hankering to go now….The story is fast-paced, entertaining, sexy and gripping, and ties up well at the end.  E.M 

The characters are well drawn, all showing good development, especially Karlyna, who manages to grow so much on her journey back home. And I think I may be a little in love with Jude, to be honest… the scene where she buries her hands in his hair is gorgeous. Congratulations on a well-crafted book. 

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