The rise of Modern Babylon – US leads humanity into captivity Part 1 – SPECIAL REPORT

“Watch therefore and pray that when you see these things happening that you may be counted worthy to escape the evils which will come to pass. But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn people and the sword comes to take one of the children, Christ will hold the watchman accountable”.

From liberation to Occupation

As at this date it should not surprise mankind or for that matter amaze citizens of the world that the United States of America is once more in their history taking the world on a trip across lands, seas, and peoples while polluting the international frames of justice and equality in favour of its grandiose preoccupation with super power hegemonic rule. Washington D.C. has as a matter of routine active duty sought to protect its interests while not only deliberately covering its own citizens eyes ,but, creatively the Americans have shrouded a faintly naïve and ill informed global public from its deceptive nature. The latest moves by the US government reveals a desperate leadership which have brought into disrepute the laws of world supremacy inscribed in the Geneva convention on war. Hoping to secure time and space for a few more years, Bush, Chenney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Powell, have acted mischievously and carelessly. Unconcerned about the quality of life being undermined by Iraqi prisoners of war. The US armed forces in invading the middle east tainted its mission in blood while committing untold war time abuses, inhumane atrocities and punishable offences. The unrestrained conflict of over a year continues without full backing of the United Nations and have recorded horrific statistics, 5500 innocent lives dead. By the same token no sanctions or authorised international appeals have been formally made by any governing body to resist or contest US abuses as it relates to the doctrine of pre-emptive strikes by nation upon nation. The authoritative ideology of pre-emption flies straight in the face of world unity, especially, as might has been overplayed in the quest for domination of an untapped region.

Singularly American domination by the spring of 2003 entered a world of uncharted waters while challenging the rule of international law. Iraq and the Middle Eastern peoples from Israel through Jordon unto Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and tiny Kuwait remain apart of the Road Map to Peace. The map is now being redefined as an re- negotiating of World Peace. Yet, early warning sounds, signs and scenes indicates that a perpetual war will continue in much of the Middle East, before long it will spill over into Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Israel understands the reality of war, on call to defend their territories from suicide minded Palestinians. Syrian, Iranian, Hizbullah, Al Queda and Hamas operatives along with Kurdish, Shiite, Arabian and Sunnis tribes men also prepare for an extended occupation by the United States allied forces in their region.

Humanitarian crisis in Sudan, Haiti, increased murder rates in South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Kidnapping sprees in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Guerrilla attacks in Indonesia, and the Philippines, destabilising of Venezuela, Pakistan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and the Russian province of Chechnya indicates that things will get worse before they get any better.

The international humanitarian agencies Red Cross, Good will, Amnesty, UNICEF, United Nations etc. are watching on. This as the USAID along with centralised US government and Administrator at Large, Bremer, in particular with the help of supportive G-8 diplomatic missions and international multi-lateral investors pledge billions of dollars to dedicate middle eastern soil to the ultimate arena of being the future engine of global economic growth and prosperity. The monies allowed to flow into Iraq and Afghanistan have already been described by international global market analyst as the biggest investments at the dawn of the 21 St. century.

We are being warned that for the next five to seven years Iraq alone will singly be the largest construction site on the planet. Funding of this site comes directly from the pockets of the richest peoples of the world. The US has asked the rest of the world ,pre- 9/11, to accept the ideology of globalisation while at the same time ,post 9/11, they have unilaterally put their own concerns above all other nations. The battle for Iraqi has already been an extenuating ordeal which has left a bitter taste in the mouths of the weak and vulnerable peoples of the world. Where is the weapons of mass destruction ?, why were the UN inspectors words not upheld ?, who gave the order for prison abuses to be used as a matter of intelligence gathering ?, and what of the innocent human casualties beyond the end of the war?

The twilight of the 20th century saw the super power US by sheer manner of being able to capitalise upon its economic tools becoming the dominant actor on the world stage. In response to building scattered diplomatic missions, writing a dominant legacy of exploring uncharted waters in history. America’s stubbornness in doing things differently and living according to the dictates of what consummates the American dream caused nations to not only take notice but yield to the might and dictates of a modern political giant. It is no wonder that as we speak men and women of the second and third tier of the world are working to develop new ways to protect their future from the dangers of the insecurity concerns being articulated by the leader of the free world and its western allies.

The American Dream won in battles fought

The ascendancy of the west through much of the 20TH CENTURY paved the way for the re-emergence of the Islamic, eastern countries and the old world into the network of global governance. With the onset of the industrial revolution in the late 17 th century, America and her western allies began to formulate a capitalist economic system. Increased productivity at the mercy of available- free capital or disposable income, championed much wealth and delivered greater returns on investment for the framers of the free market economic model. Soon the celebrated engine of growth, supportive of collective insight and will power were transformed and heralded ready to take humanity unto sustained development. The market system was later given more prominence under the name Globalisation. Having accomplished utilising cheap raw materials, inclusive of cheap labour, cutting edge technology, and physical or intellectual property to produce super profits. The free market hand in hand with free trade allowed the global elite comprised mainly of business entrepreneurs to continue reaping rewards in a larger exchange space with less tariffs and barriers.

It was in the nineteen hundreds (1900’s) when western multi-national companies-corporations began to fly their flags in different countries, improving their sales, profits, and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of smaller trading partners. Many publicly traded corporations while maximising greater economic returns in international markets still ran the risk of being downsized in their local stock exchange. The art of improving Gross National Product (GNP), discouraging trade deficits, increasing exports and rallying the markets with increased long term profits is partly that which make the American dream possible. Global economic success having within recent time taken on different meanings have allowed corporations to move their capital around the globe primarily to create increase wealth. In the new age of globalisation, a companies ability to maintain growth and development is dependent upon the willingness of their Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors to cut labour costs, retool, outsource, replace human jobs with machines, object to pro –environmental standards and build while utilising efficiently an contractual-temporary workforce.

Today, the Islamic world is inflamed with a spirit of insurrection, not because of a lack of basic resources but vehemently the the middle eastern region is opposed to the USA spreading its values upon their peoples lifestyles and further enslaving the rest of the world. The Middle eastern region have awaken with an offensive rapid response religious cult of armed and dangerous nationalists who’s patriotism allow’s them to defend against infidels inclusive of western corporations who wish the occupy their land and misuse their resources. Lest we forget that it was a cheap source of energy that propelled the west to attain technological and financial superiority over the rest of the world. In the 1950’s, 60’s, Americans continued to run their factories and cars on inexpensive oil. At that time America produced its own oil while western Europe purchased oils from the middle east at cheap prices. By the late 1970’s oil production began to lag and the US began to import oil from Islamic countries. The events which unfolded in the Israeli Yum Kippur war of 1973 triggered negative responses by the pro Islamic OPEC oil producing countries. OPEC derived an embargo, controlling and limiting their supply lines in response to overwhelming demands for the product from Israel’s allies. The OPEC adjusted oil prices rifled severe global economic shocks across the entire world escalating within weeks a world wide recession. Prices for petroleum, goods made from oil (plastics) or propelled by crude oil (jet –flight, trains, vehicles) skyrocketed leaving the worlds industries in chaos.

Today the source of petroleum or black gold which runs the worlds machines is still chiefly possessed by Islamic countries. Oil prices are once again soaring unabated. The severe oil shortage driven against increased demands are crippling small and large economies and forcing inflation to kick into the worlds markets. Its an american resolution for more oil production and lower oil prices which dominates international trade and fuels the need for continued industrialisation. The USA continues their business as usual,defending the American dream as sacred. At the same time behaviour patterns associated with capitalism, over consumption, and out sourcing is revealing to the rest of the world, just how bankrupt, ill informed, and ill prepared the leaders of the free market are in applying global crisis management. Enviromental catastrophies, famines, pestilences, and the global propect of perpetual war challenges any serious forward motion the United Nations or the so called richest country on the face of the planet could do to sustain life and the pursuit of happiness beyond eternity.


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