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The U.S. Government and REBO S.A. give job opportunities to young people through the “Ti-Pilon” project

The  U.S.  Government and REBO S.A. give job opportunities to young people through the “Ti-Pilon” project

On November 12, Haitian coffee producer REBO, in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development, officially launched the “Ti Pilon” project. USAID has provided $94,000 for “Ti Pilon” through its KATA program, which is being implemented by the Cooperative Housing Federation (CHF International). The project is aimed at increasing appreciation for and consumption of local products. Vendors with mobile coffee stands will allow Haitians to enjoy delicious Haitian coffee at a modest price, along with a snack.

The “Ti Pilon” has specialized equipment that can produce up to 500 liters of coffee per day, and the project has 12 vendors so far, trained by REBO technicians, deployed in the Port-au-Prince urban area.

The U.S. Government is pleased to support REBO’s initiative, which is an example of entrepreneurship and job creation that support the Haitian Government’s job creation strategy. Through “Ti PIlon, disadvantaged youth will have the opportunity to manage a small business and generate income.

USAID Haiti Mission Director Anthony Chan said, “The U.S. Government works closely with the Haitian Government to support its economic development strategies, especially job creation for vulnerable populations. This is why we support ‘Ti Pilon.’”

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