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The Colour And Power Of Your Thoughts : Jamaican Book Review

About the book
The inspirational genre is set to gain a talented and thoughtful newcomer in writer-thinker J.D. Gordon, who is scheduled to release his first, unique inspirational picture-and-quotations book. These thoughts are both witty and provocative and can be used by speechmakers and writers who need pertinent truths to illustrate their points or just to add ingredients to life. These little nuggets of truth coupled with the breath-taking pictures will stretch your imagination. The book connects with its readers and is recommended for Students, Professionals, Christians, Talk Show Hosts, and Photographers or just about anyone who wants a good laugh, enjoys reading, or seek to find meaning in life. It is both a book to keep and a book to give. It is the ideal gift book for your family and friends…(Click on J D Gordon above to learn more about the Author)

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Pertinent truths” meant to inspire writers in search of deeper meaning in their words.

In the political frenzy of an election year, the ability to captivate with a soundbite proves ever necessary. And while presidential candidates have speechwriters aplenty to help mesmerize the masses, the rest of us don’t have it so easy. And so a whole industry has been built upon the supposition that many of us often suffer from a crippling case of writer’s block when trying to wax poetic. Greeting cards that do the talking for us—“I love you,” “Hang in there, champ” or “You’re the best”—fill drugstore aisles. Paperbacks filled with Pablo Neruda poems fly off bookstore shelves around Valentine’s Day. And then there’s that niche filled with the Dr. Phil McGraws of the world, the inspirational genre formulating phrases to make our inner selves sing. Gordon considers himself in that league. Here, his “inspiring, witty and motivating words,” coupled with illustrations, are offered to help unclog that word-pumping artery, or better yet, soothe what ails you and make you think. It sounds a bit Chicken Soup for the Soul-ish, but it’s not exactly. There are words that do make you ponder: “Aim to be rich—poverty is more expensive,” for example. One can hardly argue with some of the revelations in these pages. “Read the signs carefully,” one of the sayings goes, tactfully partnered with a picture of a warning sign that reads: Primates (monkeys) are highly intelligent and are capable of inflicting serious injury when teased or harassed. Indeed, that is a sign worth reading. Mind-blowing, life-altering, thought-provoking even? No—most of this is a simple matter of common sense, something surely one’s grandmother often uttered when imparting good old-fashioned wisdom.

Then again, as one popular saying goes, common sense is not common—perhaps that one should have been included here. – KirkusReview.com


About the Author:
The Author has created numerous quality writings on various topics. J D Gordon discovered his talent and love for writing in his early teenage years while attending high school (Kingston College). This was in the 1980s, when pen friend communication was a very popular and fulfilling hobby for many young Jamaicans. J D is also an accomplished musician, composer, arranger and music producer. He spends most of his leisure time training and coaching people to sing, and has been a Director of Music for over ten years in several Churches. He is highly motivated and is able to transfer his enthusiasm to the attendees of his energized motivational presentations. He believes there is nothing as important as people, and that we are all special. This is his first book, and it will no doubt change the way you think as you too begin to realize and agree that there is not only power in your thoughts but the quality of your life is shaped by the colour of those thoughts.

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Available on online at go-jamaica.

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