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The Paragons…
The Paragons were one of the most important success stories to lead, and then emerge from, the 1966 – 68 Rock Steady era. Their’s was a sound that impacted on vitually every phase of Jamaican music right up to today. Their classic ‘The Tide Is High’ was taken to the top of the international charts by Deborah Harry and Blondie. But she didn’t have that magical violin accompaniment provided by the ‘immortal’ WhiteRum Raymond. Although Bob Andy was a founding member of the group, it was the vocal virtuosity of John Holt and, to a lesser extent, Garth Tyrone Evans that gave the Paragons their exceptional sound. They were pretty much the sum of Rock Steady’s best parts. ‘On the Beach’, ‘The Same Song’, ‘My Best Girl’, ‘Only a Smile’, ‘Happy-Go-Lucky Girl’, are just some of the fantastic library created by the Paragons. Of course many of their Hits enjoyed a 2nd go-round when Daddy U-Roy came in and ‘toasted’ over them, creating an all new phenominon. And John Holt…keeps the memories fresh and alive through his solo carreer. Listen Now

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