The Relocators : Jamaican Book Review
Summary of The Book:
The name of the book is “The Relocators”. It tells the story of a company which is called “The Phoenix Contracting Company”. This company employs people who have no relatives, or who has no one who really cares for them. They are sent on assignment from which they do not return. John Anderson, one of the main characters in this story, and who is also an employee of this company, realises what is happening, and with the help of two Jamaican cops, he brought an end to their scheme.


Book Review “The Relocators” by E. Claudius Thompson Reviewed by : Garth A. Rose, Ph.D. Editor, Caribbean National Weekly The quality of books being written by Caribbean authors is really becoming impressive. One of the most interesting and enjoyable books we have had the privilege to review is “The Relocators” written by Jamaican, and Fort Lauderdale resident, E. Claudius Thompson, a young man who has been writing for a number of years, and, in fact, has other novels to his credit.


This book published by Publish America is an intriguing and well-written mystery. Thompson has succeeded in writing a very suspenseful story that keeps the reader glued to the book, anxious to reach the plot’s conclusion. With keen interest we follow the story of the main character, Canadian John Anderson, as he tries to survive a plot spawned by a criminal organisation to eliminate him, as he hides in rural Jamaica.


Anderson is a former member of an organised crime unit that fronts as the Phoenix Contracting Company located in Toronto, Canada. This company is purported to be one that recruits professional consultants to solve the problems of clients located internationally. The company’s policy is to recruit people who are loners, not having relatives, close friends or romantic relationships. The strange thing is that when these so-called consultants are sent out on an assignment, they never return to Canada. When questions are asked about their whereabouts, the company’s standing explanation is that they have been relocated.


However, Anderson gets wind of the real operations of the company, and realize that why the consultants disappear after their respective assignments, is that they are murdered. This makes him determined to leave the company, and he decides to do this after being sent on an assignment to assassinate a leading member of the Jamaican government. On his way to Jamaica Anderson meets, a female Jamaican police superintendent whom he befriends, and confides his predicament. She places him in a secure hiding place, while she and a clean cop battles, with members of the company, a deadly Jamaican gang and a set of corrupt cops. Intent on bringing down the Phoenix Contracting Company, the good guys encounter several skirmishes, some tragic, with the company’s paid execution goons. The story builds up to a very exciting conclusion, giving the reader the impression of having been in the centre of an exciting journey all over Jamaica, and Canada as the plot unfolds. All in all, this is a very good suspenseful thriller written by Thompson, who incidentally hails from Woodhall, Clarendon, up to recently a relatively unknown district, now famous as the birthplace of Jamaica’s current prime-minister. About the Author:
My name is Earl Thompson. I was born In Clarendon, Jamaica, West Indies. I attended Vere Technical High School, and Clarendon college. I was a cop for twelves years. I’ve been writing ever since I was twelve. I have published three novels. They are “The Last of The Con-men”, Jimmy’s New life”, and “The Relocators. I also have poems that can be seen on