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Book Review – The Runnings by D.N. Wong Ken

” A murderous political conflict has escalated to explosive proportions and Brandon Chong Is caught in the middle. He was to be a pawn in their deadly game but under-estimating him may be their undoing. Brandon will not go quietly and he will stop at nothing to save himself and the women in his life. But if he is to succeed he will have to become more ruthless than his pursuers”.

Comments by Jamaica Observer regular columnist Tony Robinson

I grew up reading, and a good stirring novel is a godsend. Well a book entitled Runnings, written right here in Jamaica by David Wong Ken rocked me. If this book was ever made into a movie it would be a smash hit. I thought I was reading our daily newspapers. How relevant it was! I hope that our literary critics like Mervyn Morris and Company will review it and let you know more. The author is a lawyer who certainly has his finger on the pulse of Jamaican runnings. To tell the truth, I was pleasantly surprised at how good and on-the-button it was. We really have talent in this country. People, unnoo must read more, TV isn’t all.

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