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These Caribbean Countries Among Top 15 for Work-Anywhere Digital Nomads

These Caribbean Countries Among Top 15 for Work-Anywhere Digital Nomads - 2

Executives who have embraced the digital nomad lifestyle are having an impact on the world’s top residential markets as they seek accessible properties that feature high-speed internet and good weather all year round. These individuals are transforming what had previously been holiday/vacation-home markets into year-round residential markets. The Executive Nomad Index compiled by Savills World Research has identified the top three nations in the Caribbean favored by this new type of remote worker: Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, and the Bahamas

Barbados has the fastest internet connection in the Caribbean and ranks fifth on the Executive Digital Nomad Index. Its favorable climate and good air travel connectivity also recommend it to digital nomads and make it the highest-ranked country in the Caribbean on the Index.

These Caribbean Countries Among Top 15 for Work-Anywhere Digital Nomads - 1

Barbados was among the first nations to take advantage of the potential of mobile living and working that had been created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Its government had already introduced a program that allowed individuals and families from abroad to perform remote work on the island for 12 months, and while most rented their homes in the beginning, many ended up buying properties there. Ultimately, many of the people who traveled to Barbados as guests when straight to purchase options. The island had long been a favored destination for Caribbean vacationers, and now, these vacationers have been transformed into property owners. The change has been fueled by the country’s superior infrastructure and amenities, including high-speed internet and available beach-front locations, according to Savills’ Head of Caribbean Sales, James Burdess.

St. Lucia ranks eighth on the Executive Nomad Index due to its “quality of life” rating, which is based on low pollution rates, a favorable climate, and excellent air connectivity that facilitates easy access to international air travel options. Antigua holds 10th place in the ranking, also due to its quality of life factors and in spite of its comparatively low internet speeds. Its low prime residential rental rates make it a desirable destination for executive digital nomads. In 15th place on the Index, the Bahamas features a favorable quality of life rating and relatively low residential costs.

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