The Wanderer

He wanders through life
gleaning little bits of wisdom from each experience
for just as Earth is the great Mother
Life is the best Teacher
and as he travels down this path
he drops nuggets of knowledge
along the way
willingly he allows the narrow and stableminded
to exist vicariously through him
for, unstable though he may be,
he is the vessel in which wisdom must travel,
education will ride.
he accepts this great responsibility
taking it all in stride
displaying few signs of conceit,
fewer instances of pride
patiently, the way they describe
Christ and Muhammad and Buddha,
he teaches… rarely ever preaches
clarifying confusing concepts
he reaches masses
one by one
taking them from shallowness
walking with them
so they can attain more depth
and the depth of the goodness that lies within him,
is enough to shame, silence, or anger those who are less than him
Not the ignorant, for they can be schooled and groomed.
I speak of the wicked-
the ones who spend their time
tryin to get on someone else’s meal ticket
expanding their pockets
and not their minds
ignoring the not-too-subtle signs
that warn them not to mess with him
Because although he is a good teacher,
he is also a fierce warrior,
and although he appears to not have a care,
he will protect and defend loved ones without fear.
Bold, this teaching wanderer with the mind of a Prophet
and the heart of a lion
If what Ras Tafari teaches is true,
he’s got a first class ticket to Zion
He guides, he protects, he travels,
learning and teaching at the same time,
willing only to drop dime if its educational,
and the way he is loved and hated
by disciples and naysayers alike
is damn near sensational
he has been called leader, prophet, poet,
prolific writer, teacher, student, strong black man who can rock an afro,
but me, I encapsulate it all and call him the Wanderer.

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