16 Things Jamaican Mothers Say

16 Things Jamaican Mothers Say To Their Children

Jamaican Moms are the best when it comes to one liners that provide wisdom and discipline at the same time. Jamaican moms enrich the lives of their children with strong opinions about life and constantly offering her wisdom. Here 16 things Jamaican mothers say. Feel free to add your own.

16 things Jamaican Mothers Say

1. Yuh tink mi bawn behine cow?

2. All those who don’t hear feel!

3. Yuh couldn’t wash up de two likkle plate dem inna de sink?

4. All yuh wah duh is eat & sleep an yuh nuh wah do nuh work inna de ouse.

5. So ef yuh fren jump aff a bridge yuh aguh jump aff to?

6. Mi aguh kill yuh wid lick tideh

7. yuh get nuhting fi bawl bout?

8. seh feh, ef yuh tink yuh bad.

9. Yuh hungry? Mi hungry to

10 Yuh ah phone theteh. Cuum aff ah di phone

11. Watch mi an yuh, ah bet seh yuh nah go noweh tideh. Yu too rude.

12. Yuh tink seh mi an yuh ah size?

13. Bad company wi lead yuh astray.

14. But seeya. Yuh is not to big man/woman in ya.

15: I hope yuh know yuh book, like how yuh know dah song deh.

16. Pickney fe be seen not heard.

Bonus: Unnuh stay up all night an party, but when ah time fe go church nuhbaddy nah wake up

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