This Couple Hopes Encourage Jamaicans Abroad to Invest in the Island

During regular visits to the United States, Jamar and Natassia Barrett-Wright ‘pick the brains’ of Jamaicans in the Diaspora, to get their thoughts on things back home. Many of them, like a Lyft driver they met in New Jersey, are concerned their country is not heading in the right direction.

Through their company, Mind Food International, the couple stage seminars encouraging their compatriots overseas to invest in Jamaica.

“Mind Food International offers leadership trainings, seminars, and consultation to the Diaspora to help them connect with like-minded individuals who are from the island,” Natassia Barrett-Wright explained. “We provide the training required to allow them to get additional resources to the country. Our trainings and seminars allow for networking opportunities for initiatives currently taking place in Jamaica or the creation of new ones.”

In the past two years, the Wrights have reached out to the Diaspora with seminars in South Florida and New York City. At each, they present solutions aimed at making commerce between the US and Jamaica less complicated, and possibly swaying reluctant minds to resettle in Jamaica.

“Real change begins with each individual. I would remind the driver that we all have a part to play, regardless of being in a different country. Despite feeling the fear of returning home, courage is required to tackle the real issues being faced by our countrymen,” Barrett-Wright reasoned. “Also, one should note that the Government alone cannot do this transformation. More aid, wisdom and advice are needed from common individuals with a passion for their country and the people. It takes us being change agents to reach out and make a valuable contribution to society,” she added.

The couple started Mind Food International in 2013. Their services include HR-related training at the supervisory and executive levels; the Wrights have worked with some of Jamaica’s leading corporate companies as well as the country’s tax administration.

They are determined to make an impact in the Jamaican Diaspora.

“Mind Food having expanded to the Diaspora provides additional brand awareness of our purpose of Mind Food as well as increased credibility. This in turn helps the company to equip more leaders outside of Jamaica,” said Barrett-Wright.