Three Things You Did Not Know About Brigadier Jerry

Brigadier Jerry

We caught up Brigadier Jerry at the Best of the Best Concert in Miami. Known as one of the largest International Music Festivals in North America, the Best of the Best Concert brings artists from all over the Caribbean to Miami, Florida. This year we headed to the concert to sing, dance and catch up with a few of our favorite artists. Here are three things you did not know about Brigadier Jerry.

Brigadier Jerry

Brigadier Jerry

  1. If you could live anywhere, other than Jamaica or the US, where would you live?
    Believe it or not, right now I’m living in America and I don’t really like it. But, it’s a fast world so you have to make some money. I would live in Manchester, England. That’s a place that I love.
  1. If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three records would you bring?
    Which three? I would carry three of my own: Jamaica Jamaica, Pain and Bangaran. I would carry them to go and listen to them there.
  1. When you were ten, what was your hobby? What would people find you doing?
    Playing drum pan, playing condense pan and tin, playing sardine tin. I just had to have a tin. From when I was a teenager I was in the business because I got into the business when I was nine years old. I had faith in the community, with all the concerts. I was entertaining people from then, from when I was a little tad pole, and now I’m a big bull frog and I’m still doing the same thing.

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