Three Things You Did Not Know About Zeke Don

We caught up with Zeke Don at the Best of the Best Concert in Miami. Known as one of the largest International Music Festivals in North America, the Best of the Best Concert brings artists from all over the Caribbean to Miami, Florida. This year we headed to the concert to sing, dance and catch up with a few of our favorite artists. Here are three things you did not know about Zeke Don:

  1. If you were trapped on a deserted island, which three records would you bring?
    My records: Higher, Go Away and Bad like Yaz. Those 3 records, I would listen to them all day. And I love a little Maxwell and, you know, a little Biggie.
  1. If you could live anywhere, other than Jamaica or the US, where would you live?
    I would probably go to Japan. Yeah, Japan. I love it.
  1. When you were ten, what would people find you doing? What was your hobby?
    When I was ten, I was dancing, singing, acting and doing a bunch of joking. Cracking on people or something.

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