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Tourist "Hustlers"

During your visit to Jamaica you are going to encounter some of the world’s most promising entrepreneurs know as “Tourist hustlers”.

These “Tourist Service Hustlers” are resourceful, ingenious, humorous and friendly. Though many of them may lack any formal education and training they are experts in consumer psychology, market supply and demand as well as micro-economic. They are quick in reacting to their target market and the consumers needs come first. Once your need has been identified the “Tourist Service Hustler” is quick to either adjust or find a product that meets your need.

Yes there are a few “Tourist Service Harassers” who are rude, lazy and are looking to make a quick buck by conning tourists. You will know them by the fruits they bear.

Ignore the “Tourist Service Harassers” but do not ignore the “Tourist Service Hustlers”. Carefully observe their various marketing and selling techniques. Talk to them, take notes and try to learn as much as you can. After this experience many of you may learn that “Tourist Service Hustlers” are not annoyances but people to be admired and respected . You may even develop a Mentor – Protégé relationship with one of these hustlers.

Like most industry’s “Tourist Service Hustlers” industry is made up of different sellers of various products and/or services but their is much to learn

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