Jamaicans in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

Living/visiting tips

From the loud dancehall music blasting on Miramar Parkway to the raw Patwa in campus corridors; South Florida has been captured and made Jamaican.

Schools and Colleges are heavily populated with Jamaican students; Broward Community College having Jamaicans among their largest international student population, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Nova South Eastern University, Miami Dade Community College, Barry University, University of Miami, all hosting specific clubs of Jamaican origin.

The weather in South Florida is unpredictable with very warm summers and cool winters, although the sun shines throughout most of the year, this is definitely not the refreshing tropics.
Thunderstorms are usually torrential having the ability to spurn tornados, and cause massive dislocations. In fact SUVs are the vehicle of choice in Florida because when the rains come down, dry trips home are not guaranteed. Florida being the lightning capital of the world, many a lightening show can be seen, even when precipitation is not active.

The beaches are bountiful in Florida, long shores of white sandy beaches can be found in Miami and Ft Lauderdale, with South Beach becoming the most popular among travelers to the city. Places to go and see, Las Olas Blvd, Miami Sea Aquarium, Calder Race course, Saw Grass Mall, Gulfstream Park, MOVICO, Orange Bowl Stadium for soccer as well as the Miami arena to watch the Miami Heat in the NBA, or Proplayer to watch the Marlins or Dolphins play ball, as well as the many recreational and environmentally green parks that you will find all over town.

A car is a must in the South Florida area. The transportation system is not very reliable. “Castro support” is a bad word. Be aware of immigration scams.

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