Tips For Visiting the Dunn’s River Waterfall in Jamaica

Planning on visiting the Dunn’s River waterfalls. Here are a few tips and hints that will help make your visit enjoyable.

  1. Step aside a whole day for Dunn’s River Fall. Climbing the falls can drain you physically.
  2. If you are with a group get a guide. The guide can help you climb up the falls but take some great pictures.
  3. Bring water shoes. Aqua socks work the best they had great traction. You can rent them on location. Water shoes are especially important if you are with a group, as you will be holding hands. This means while you are climbing you are holding hands with one or two people. This makes it difficult to use your hands.
  4. Be very careful when rock hopping it’s dangerous and slippery. Wet rocks can cause broken bones. Fast currents can cause drowning.
  5. If you get tired take a break as you are climbing a hill. Bring drinking waters so you don’t get dehydrated. It is not advisable to drink the water from the falls.
  6. Check out the rainforest and the birds that surround the falls.
  7. Be very careful when taking photographs on the falls. No photograph is worth risking yourself harm
  8. Be courteous as there are many other visitors enjoying the beauty of the waterfall. Be reasonable and aware of others around you. A water fall is not the place to act like an “aggressive” driver in traffic.
  9. Bring food to have a picnic. The Dunn’s River waterfall is a perfect place to picnic after a long drive if you are not staying in Ocho Rios.
  10. Bring a friend because hiking the waterfalls alone is boring

Enjoy one of Jamaica’s natural beauties and be sure to send us your great pictures.

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