Title Hunter

You are meant for neither land nor heaven
Please recall God the moment you will start feeling lost with the
Monsters, when the evil monster will start hurting you, please
Recall the rememberance of God when the police start torturing
The culprit in the lock-ups, if an innocent is being treated as a
Culprit and he is further tortured ruthlessly and even
Thereafter, going to hurt the most weaker section and sensative
Part of the body which leads to height of penetration,
Penetration in the soul of a youth, what is the propriety of not
Matter about the evil/monster hided behind the face of the
Policewalla, shakir, the world may treat or ill-treat such evil/monster,
But great God will see to it though. We have faith
and firm belief in Him.
Copyright 2003 Shakir Nizam Khan

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Shakir NKhan